Electric car chargers allow your employees and visitors to plug in their electric or electrichybrid vehicles outside your company’s building. By installing electric car chargers, you can enhance your company’s reputation as an environmentally friendly business, and also encourage your employees to “think green”.

Power factor correction capacitors increase an application’s power factor by reducing the difference between active and apparent energy. This increases electrical efficiency, thereby reducing wasted energy and energy costs. Cooling costs may also be reduced as excess energy is not being lost as heat. Power factor correction capacitors are ideal for medium to large commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.

Solar panels and wind turbines provide a way for your company to replace a portion of its traditional energy consumption with a more environmentally friendly energy source. On-site solar panels and turbines collect the energy from the sun and wind and convert it into usable energy, which is then either used directly in the building or released back into the power grid. Energy cost savings and governmental rebate programs make this an attractive option for your organization to save money and reduce its environmental impact.

  In November of 2011, a solar array was installed on the roof of Miller-Eads. It is expected to produce approximately 3,820 kWh and avoid the emission 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Above, a Miller-Eads employee works to install this array.

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